Mold Damage

It takes approximately 48 to 72 hours for mold to develop. Mold can lead to serious problems involving structural integrity of a building, contaminated air and contents, and even health.

What Causes Mold- Water damaged areas that have not been treated in a timely manner, pipe bursts, fires, dark spaces without proper ventilation, dampness, and high humidity. Water permeates nearly everything it comes in contact with. The longer these problems sit the chances of mold developing increases exponentially.

Disposal and Remediation -  Absolute Restoration's mold remediation technicians are trained and certified to handle the job and get your property under control in a time efficient manner. We follow proper procedural steps involving the treatment and disposal of mold in a home or commercial building. These steps are accompanied by:

 - Surface & Air Quality Testing 

 - Certified Mold Remediation Technicians

 - State-Of-The-Art Negative Air Systems



Emergency: (855) 855-3911 

Office: (508) 824-4444

Services We Offer:

 -  Emergency Board-Ups

 -  Fire Restoration & Clean-up

 -  Bio Cleaning

 -  Smoke/Soot Cleaning

 -  Flood/Water Restoration

 -  Carpet Cleaning

 -  Upholstery Cleaning 

 -  Mold Remediation

 -  Contents Storage

 -  Contents Pack-out

 -  Odor Control

 -  Debris Clean-up

 -  Vandalism

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